About Us

About Us

Hello and Welcome!

Hi, we’re Kristin and Tom! We are in our mid-twenties. We worked in Accounting and Consulting in the Boston area until January 2018. We decided to leave our cozy day jobs to take some time to travel and enjoy our families and friends. You can read about that here:

Cheers to the New Year—Our Plans for 2018

We are both spontaneous, laid back, and love to have new experiences. We both love craft beer, being outside, and meandering through big cities. We started dating in 2014 and discovered that we both had a passion for travel after sharing similar study abroad experiences in London, England in college. Not only do we love international travel, but are avid roadtrippers. When we lived in New England, we traveled almost every weekend to nearby cities and towns.

We started this site to share some of our experiences, both traveling and in our daily lives!

Although we mainly write about travel, this isn’t your typical travel blog. We are truly idealistic about the way that exploring new cultures and meeting new people can completely shape you for the better! We also enjoy writing about practical tips to help with travel logistics and saving money.

Why Picnic Wednesday you may ask?

A couple of years ago, we started having weekly picnics on Wednesday to break up the monotony of the workweek. These picnics turned into the highlights of our week and we thought– “Wow we may be on to something.” Even if picnicking isn’t your thing, we believe that we can all make small changes to enhance our lives drastically. These changes don’t have to cost money or even take more than a few minutes each day. This site is more than picnicking– it’s about enjoying life and breaking the day-to-day routine.

For more, please read “The Concept,” where we explain our inspiration behind this site.

In the meantime, please look around our site, read some of our content, and give us any feedback you may have. We would also love to hear from you. You can reach us by email at picnicwednesday@gmail.com and please subscribe below to get Picnic Wednesday updates bi-weekly!

Happy Picnicking and thanks for your support!

-Kristin and Tom