Self Guided Paris Craft Beer Tour

Self Guided Paris Craft Beer Tour

Self-Guided Paris Craft Beer Tour with Bonus Pere Lachaise Cemetery Visit

While we were in Paris this summer, we wanted to check out their emerging craft beer scene. We loved the wine culture but were missing a cold beer after long days exploring the city. While we were exploring the Pere Lachaise cemetery in the 11th arrondissment on one of our last nights of the trip, we stumbled upon some really neat places that are definitely worth a visit. Hence, our creation of this self-guided Paris craft beer tour.

Without further ado, here is our tour itinerary including maps (because we love a good map).


Stop 1: Pere Lachaise Metro Station

The most central place to begin this tour is at the metro station. Pere Lachaise is on the 2 or 3 line of the metro.

From there, head to the gates of the Pere Lachaise Cemetary.

This is the archway that we entered through.

Stop 2: Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Before you embark on your booze cruise through the 11th, why not wander through this historic and beautiful cemetery? Make sure that you pick up a map because it is definitely maze-like once you get inside. I enjoyed seeing Jim Morrison’s grave and the makeshift shrine that people have made for him during the years.

Whether it’s the creepiness or the hordes of tourists, you may be needing a beer after your stroll through the cemetery. Good thing we saved the best part of this tour for last!

From the same entrance that you came in, walk about 2 minutes for your next stop.

Jim Morrison’s grave site.

Stop 3: Bar & Beer

Though the name is literal, this place is worth a visit. With a generous and long happy hour, Bar & Beers is a great spot to grab your first pint. We mentioned to the manager that we craft beer lovers and he gave us a sample of all 12 beers on tap! They had everything from IPAs to Belgian beers to Amber Ales.  We enjoyed trying a little bit of everything, and the happy hour prices plus were great (around 4 euros for .5 Liter).

Leaving Bar & Beer, walk about 7 minutes to your next stop.

Stop 4: La Fine Mousse

Not enough good things to say here! La Fine Mousse has 20 craft beers on tap from local French breweries and some international choices as well. The bar is a big and bright space with a large chalk board listing all 20 beer choices. Although it is a very locals only type place and was packed when we went, it felt very approachable.

We found the bartenders to be very helpful in assisting us in our beer choices. Tom ordered a New England Style IPA and I ordered a Pale Ale. Their taps rotate regularly but, from other reviews that we’ve read, all the beers that they have on tap seem like great choices.

It was busy but such a cool scene! And not to mention, live music.

Leaving La Fine Mousse, you have two equally great options for your next stop. If you’re feeling hungry, walk about 4 minutes to Oxymore for some authentic French pizza. If you want another beer, walk about 6 minutes in the other direction to Les Trois 8.

Stop 5 (1st alternate): PIZZA at Oxymore

Oxymore is quite the oxymoron because they specialize in French pizza. Made with ingredients all sourced from France, their pizzas are heavenly. I ordered a personal size pizza called the Josette based on our waiter’s recommendation. This pizza was topped with goat cheese, ham, fresh pears, and pistachios. It was probably one of the best pizzas of my life.

Tom got the Odette, which was a tomato base with different cured meats, olives, and mushrooms. Although pizzas usually fall into the Italian food category, these pizzas were so unique and distinctly French. Each personal size pizza was about 15 euros and we both had leftovers. If you aren’t starving, I would definitely recommend sharing a pizza and getting an appetizer or dessert.

Low quality picture, high quality pizza.

Stop 5 (2nd alternate): Another Beer at Les Trois 8

If you would rather keep the beerfest going, I recommend heading to Les Trois 8 after your stop at La Fine Mousse. This cosy beer bar has a good selection of craft beers on tap (about 8 on rotation) and in bottles. Though we didn’t order it, the meat/cheese board looked amazing so that would be a good snack option.

We hope that you will consider embarking on this DIY craft beer tour while you’re in Paris. It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip and allowed us to share one of our hobbies with the local Parisians that we met along the way.

Please comment below and tell us if you know of any good craft beer bars in Paris! We love suggestions and feedback.

Happy Picnicking,


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