Travel Hacks: Photo Storage and Sharing

Travel Hacks: Photo Storage and Sharing

Our last week of the travel hack series appropriately relates to the post-travel goodies! This post is all about travel hacks for photo storage and saving photos. We’ve also added some bonus hacks for bringing home meaningful (and cheap) souvenirs.

We are definitely not professional photographers but we love flipping through our pictures to reminisce. We also love to share them with family and friends. Our NUMBERO UNO photo resource is, you guessed it, GOOGLE PHOTOS.

Photo Hack to Freeing Up Space

We love Google Photos because it makes us feel organized without actually having to be organized. Download the Google Photos app on your phone and login with your email address. Make sure the app is set to “Backup and Sync.”

This setting will save all of your photos when you are connected to Wifi. You can even set it to backup using cellular data but that tends to be a bit of a battery drain. See screenshot below for the visual:

When we travel, we try to backup all of our photos each night. We do this simply by connecting to Wifi at our hotel or Air Bnb.

Since our iPhones are the only cameras that we travel with, space tends to fill up quickly. I often get that dreaded message saying “Your iPhone is out of Space.” Of course, this comes that the most inconvenient times (like in front of the Eiffel tower during the 5 minutes that it’s twinkling).

But, not to fear, because all of my pictures are already backed up! This feature that I’m about to show you is a LIFESAVER.

Google Photos has a “free up space” feature that will actually go in and delete your photos for you. Yes, all 3,000 of them. Just navigate to the “Assistant” tab, scroll down, and you will see this:

You can also get here by clicking the menu on the left sidebar and selecting “Free up Space”.

Click the prompt and you’re all set! Then, just go into your deleted items album and clear that as well. Thank me later for saving you 5 hours of misery 🙂

Photo Hack to Creating Albums

The other feature that we love is the ability to create and share albums. After we return from a trip, our family and friends often want to see pictures. We typically add all of our backed up photos into one album (like I mentioned, we’re not super organized) and share it with our loved ones.

After sharing, they will receive an email with a link to the album. If they follow your link they will have the ability to view the album themselves.

Souvenir Hacks to Save Money

Along with having tons of travel photos, we love to bring home some tangible memories. Instead of stopping at those kitschy souvenir shops (although sometimes they are fun), we like to keep a travel journal.

While we are indulging in our caffeine addiction or hanging out at a local park, we will break out our travel journal and start to write, documenting our journey thus far. This is also great for long train or plane rides.

It’s really fun to look back on all of the great experiences you’ve already had and it makes you look forward to the memories you are about to create.

Also, I have recently realized that I forget roughly 50% of what happened about a month of being back home. This is why documenting every moment, meal, and travel blunder in real-time is important.

Other than a travel journal, the best souvenir you can bring home is food or alcohol. We love to go to grocery stores in foreign countries and check out some of their non-perishables.

For example, France has really good mustard. Our family and friends were more excited to receive some Dijon mustard as opposed to a keychain or something cheesy. Not to mention, the mustard we purchased only cost around 1 Euro.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our month-long travel hack series. We really enjoyed writing it while professing our deep love for Google along the way.

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