Travel Hacks: Why You Should Travel with a Sheet

Travel Hacks: Why You Should Travel with a Sheet

As part of our “Travel Hack” series, we wanted to discuss one of our favorite packing tips. This packing travel hack is kind of unusual but hear us out. During our trip to France, we took a bed sheet. We both only traveled carry ons but one of our “must haves” was a queen sized cotton sheet.

These are some reasons why a bed sheet is going on every trip with us from now on.

  1. Napping in Parks

Tom napping in a park in Dijon, France
Park snoozing Dijon, France

One of the simple joys in life is taking a cat nap in a sunny, grassy spot in a park. Traveling is tiring and sometimes you want to rest but are not anywhere near your accommodation.

If you forget to build naps into your itinerary but are in desperate need, head to a park, lay down a sheet, and voila!

Another situation where this comes in handy is for budget travelers. Often, to save a few bucks, a budget traveler (us included) will book an insanely early train or flight. Therefore, you end up getting to your destination way too early and before check in at your accommodation. In this situation, grab a quick breakfast, find a nice local park, and lay down on your sheet to take a snooze.

It’s also great to have a sheet for waking up early to watch sunrises or staying out to watch sunsets.

  1. Picnicking

A sheet is the perfect picnic blanket. It’s large, lightweight, and easily washable. It may not look the most picturesque, but it is a great surface to set up your picnic spread and kick back.

Tom popping a bottle of sparkling wine to kick off our picnic. Notice: patriotic looking bed sheet
Tom popping a bottle of sparkling wine to kick off our picnic. Notice: patriotic looking bed sheet
  1. Beaching it

We often bring a sheet with us to the beach for a similar reason as why we bring it for picnics. It’s a large enough surface for two people to recline and it fares well with getting a bit sandy.

While it’s not a great replacement for a beach towel, we recommend just bringing one beach towel to share with your travel partner if you see the need. If not, just dry off in the warm sun.

Since we often don’t venture into chilly New England waters, a sheet is our perfect beach day accessory.

  1. Having a memento from home

No matter how short your trip is, it’s always nice to have a small piece of home with you to make you feel more comfortable. Even if you don’t decide to sleep on it, just drape the sheet over the sofa of your Air bnb and you’ll instantly feel like the place is yours.

Also, a balled up sheet is the best alternative to having a secondary pillow. I would definitely opt for bringing sheet instead of the travel pillow.

Even though it sounds silly and your space is limited, traveling with a bed sheet is a great multi-purpose addition to your packing essentials!

Tune in next week for another travel tip coming at you live.

And as always, Happy Picnicking!


3 thoughts on “Travel Hacks: Why You Should Travel with a Sheet

  1. Interesting take. I have a favorite Indian Blanket/sheet that I definitely always have at the beach. I never really thought of bringing it anywhere else. I think this would be a great hack to buy a colorful blanket/sheet where you’re traveling as a usable souvenir. This reminds me of my days when I traveled cheap and slept on buses. I always packed a sleeping back for the extra padding.

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